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It has been quite long since we started this website and it is doing quite well. Thank you all for your positive feedback and motivation we got from you. 

We only started with grade 9 ecz past papers but with your love and support we have upgraded our website and now it has most of the Ecz past papers and many other study materials, not all but it is yet to come. 

We are looking forward to hearing more ideas from you. Someone messaged us by using our feedback button scrolling on the right side of your screen, that we should upload videos to help them understand school topics easily and we are working on that.

We are also planning to open a book store and not exactly a book store but you guys will be able to buy and sell books from our website soon. As our personal rule, we won't keep anything for money which will be uploaded from our members, but books that our users will want to sell their books can sell their old hard copy books ( Textbooks, Novels, Comic books, Manga, etc..) on our website and others will be able to buy the books by messaging you directly.

We have a plan that will allow both teachers and students will benefit from our platform and they will also be able to communicate with each other.

We are also planning to make an application of our own that will make our content more easily accessible and the app will forever remain for free.

We want your response to this topic. Please give us feedback or comment below. The more ideas we get from you the more you will benefit.

We are also planning to start a YouTube channel in which ecz past papers will be solved and we will keep it free for all users in Zambia. Those willing to be a part of our YouTube channel please contact us via email

Edited on 22 sept 2020

We are happy to tell you guys that we have already launched our application on the playstore and we have already started making videos on our Youtube channel.

The more ideas you give us, the more work we will do and the more you will benefit.

A lot more is coming so stay tuned!

Edited on 10 march 2021

We are happy to announce that we have created an app ( Download Now ) after a long journey and we already have 10,000+ users. We will keep working to bring all the mentioned things on this website.

Knowledge is and will be free on Ecz materials
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Ecz Materials Plans

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  1. Wow this is great!
    I personally want to appreciate you for your tireless efforts you are putting to grow the education system in Zambia. I would like to comment on the idea of lessons in form of videos, that can be great coz most students go online and only to find non Zambian videos. Though the content might be similar but we need videos in our own syllabi, e.g it's almost impossible to find a video online of someone solving ecz papers not to mention a free one. If I had a good system like the one Khan academy is using, I would have started this already. This can be a good move, I highly recommend it.

    1. Very happy to hear that there is someone out there who also noticed about the video lessons we are lacking in Zambia. Though there are a lot of videos but Zambia does not have any of its own syllabus. We were making plans of making video but since I the developer of this site is still a student therefore taking some time to gather up a team of teachers who can make videos and we will upload it on our youtube channel.


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