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Why free!

        We have been receiving messages from you guys why we are doing all this for FREE. 😂It is funny that people complain when something is for money but when they saw all these things [paper, textbooks, etc] uploaded on our website and it is totally free started messaging us if this is for real. Well, it is obvious that it is for free and everything that we will post on our website will also be free from our side. We believe education should be free for all and it is not meant to be achieved by money.

I think it is your excitement that is making you write such messages but we  [members of ecz materials] Promise you that whatever we will post will be for free. But take note that as we are soon creating a store on our website where you guys can buy & Sell your books. We will give you all the details about it later. 

We are working very hard day and night so that you can benefit from us. It isn't easy work to do but we will do our best that you all benefit from us. There are some ways we have already created and many showed their interest and earned a lot from us. You also do check it out if you are interested in making some cash from home.

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Well, we are very happy to receive your messages and we loved the excitement and love you showed us. we would like you all to participate and earn money from home.

Bye, see you next time with a lot more cool ecz materials and earning opportunities.

Knowledge is free on Ecz materials
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Why free!

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