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How to Study for coming final exams

worried about exams? or not? No matter what but you still have to study to pass with better grades.

There is still a lot of time if you make a plan to study with a real concern you will definitely create your own time even if it's less.

Few study tips you should know.

  • Make a plan
Decide in which week or days you will cover one subject. I don't mean you study the whole book in a less than a week but you have to get the gist of the particular subject. Start your studies at least 3 weeks before the exams. Set your own timetable for revision.

  • Know the topics
Knowing the topics makes your studies much easier. Once you know all the topics in all the subject you will be able to answer the questions real fast since you will know from which topic that question is from but that also matters if you study the content also.

  • Study
This one is obvious, study all the subjects thoroughly and once you do that then be confident. To increase your confidence you should do some tasks from the textbooks. If you don't have textbooks don't worry Ecz Materials has uploaded textbooks in pdf format for free.

  • Revise
Okay so finally in the last week or last few days before final exams try to solve some ecz past papers and see how the format of the paper is. While solving the past papers don't try to score better and if you don't score better doesn't mean you aren't prepared, when revising the trick is that you understand the format of the paper that's all.

I have seen many students who don't do good while revising but scores more than expected in finals. The thing is that they use smartness, they first focus on the structure of the papers, sections in each subject paper, how sub-questions are given and many more. Once they notice all these things after revising many ecz past papers then they make plans on how to hammer the paper, which section to start the paper from and more and more.

This is a very obvious way to prepare yourself for finals but this method still is very effective.

I hope you all pass with flying colours!!

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How to Study for coming final exams

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