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Warm greetings.

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I don't think I have to explain to you about the program we have Introduced. Just by looking at the title of this post tells you everything. 

Still more let me say something on this program. So basically we will buy your old textbooks whenever you sell us. We know that you will sell the textbooks at the end of the year after you are done with your final exams, no wonder why we launched this program in November 2019. We will buy your old books to resell it to the other students at a lower price. As you all know that this website got its reputation amongst the students because here on this website I give free educational materials. 

Okay, I don't think you are interested in the stuff mentioned above so let me tell you how you will be selling your old Textbooks.

This is straight forward, we have created a "Facebook buy and sell group" where you can buy and sell old textbooks at a cheaper price.

You can sell any textbook you have at your own price but make sure you sell at a lower price so that your book gets sold faster. It is not like you can only sell old textbooks but also new textbooks can be sold at a reasonable price. The rest is up to know. 

I have created this for you guys hope everyone takes the full advantage from this program and benefits a lot.

You can also sell your books directly to us, contact us on facebook or Instagram.

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Sell your used ECZ Textbooks

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