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e-learning in Zambia

Another good news for Zambian students!

We were all told we are all supposed to go to school, well that is true until it starts to get boring for some introverts like me and always wished to continue my studies from home. Well, I also thought of that before but what I wished is that I hire a teacher and study from my home.

Luckily, for all those who have the same thinking as I had before, then there is even better opportunity to study today from home and that is online. 

Let me get straight to the topic. I recently found a website where they offer online studies for grade 8 to 12 including GCE.

If you are a teacher reading this post message unified learn so that you can also start teaching students on that platform.

About the Website?

  The name of the website is Unified Learn. This website was founded on the 26th of May 2017. Well I never heard of it before maybe they were still improving and now we know that such a service exists. The other thing we got to know is that this website was created in Copperbelt province so maybe by now, they might have some link in Lusaka.

Insight of the Website.
ecz materials | online learning in zambia

 Their website has a very unique and professional look, the website's interaction with the user is also very friendly and easy to navigate.

If you want to have a feel of their website click on this link (Unified Sign up) and sign up to see their website thoroughly.

There is;

  • A page where you can enrol yourself using the code they give you
  • calender where you see an upcoming event which will be posted by your subject tutor.
  • Message icon from where you can chat with the tutor or people who are enrolled in the same course as yours.
  • notification bell: You will receive any important notification send my the tutor

Basically, there are all the tools needed for the student and tutor to interact perfectly. Video lessons are expected to take place between the students or students and tutor.

To know more about their service visit their website: Unified Learn or message them on Facebook: Message Unified Learn

Subjects and Pricing

   There are a lot of subjects you can choose to study in. The subjects include;

1. GCE 
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Science
2. Grade 8 and 9
  • Music Grade
  • Religious Education Grade
  • French Grade
  • Design and Technology Grade
  • Art and Design Grade
  • Physical Education Grade 
  • Agricultural Science Grade 
  • Home Economics Grade 
  • Computer Studies Grade 
  • Business Studies Grade 
  • English Language Grade 
  • Social Studies Grade 
  • Mathematics Grade 
  • Integrated Science Grade 
3. Senior Secondary

There are almost all the subjects available.

Let us talk about the fees. How much does the subject cost?

Rates directly from

  The fees mentioned on their website is per subject per month. According to me, it is extremely cheap if we compare our private school fees to these rates.

For juniors learning a single subject for 3 months which is a term is (k90). On the other hand for seniors is approximately (k115) per term for one subject.

Final Words

If you are interested in learning online you can reach them and ask them for more information on their website and how they are going to teach you. Also, make sure to ask them about writing the ecz exam.

Education is Free on Ecz Materials

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e-learning in Zambia

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    1. Please contact them, the contact links and details have been given in the post.

      NOTE: This service is offered by Ecz Materials so contact them to know more about it

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