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How is Zamtel Smart Revision?

Due to the pandemic situation, everyone is affected including Schools, Universities, businesses and a lot more. Since everyone is safely locked up in the house, the internet took over most of the things which include most of the business which mostly depends on technology to operate and also some business started to operate from homes online. 

The use of internet has become essential in such a situation, really happy to tell you guys that there are some online educational platforms now available in Zambia. This lockdown has brought Zambia to get more digital and that is one of the coolest advantages.  

Zamtel Smart Revision

 Zamtel recently launched an educational website in partners with Ecz. Smartrevision is the name of the website they have given. 

Ecz Materials | Zamtel smart Revision | ecz revision

The website is not completely free. The free version only has some multiple choice questions you can answer and do some revision by answering those questions. The other study materials on the website will be only be available to those who have subscribed (Paid for it).

These are the pricing they are offering their premium service at.

Ecz Materials | Smart revision


  • Grade 7
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 12
  • GCE
There is also gce revision and some useful gce revision methods. 

The subjects offered for each grade.

  1. Grade 7 revision ( Mathematics, Science, English, Social studies and Cinyanja) More will be added soon that is what they claim. (grade 7 ecz revision)
  2. Grade 9 revision ( Mathematics, Computer Studies, English, Science, Social Studies, Geography, civics and religious education) More subjects are listed but revision has not started for most of the subjects. ( grade 9 ecz revision
  3. Grade 12 revision: All the ecz subjects are listed there but they haven't posted revision materials for most of the subjects. ( grade 12 ecz revision )
  4. GCE revision: Similar case like I mentioned for grade 12 ( Nothing yet )

I just subscribed to get full access to Grade 7 subsjects, what i found are just another few multiple choice questions from the 2018 past papers. Suprisingly they only have 1 past paper for each grade 7 subject that where I was really disappointed. Unless they add more later but if it is just one pastpaper then the price is pretty expensive.

grade 7 ecz revision

I still Haven't subscribed for other grades but if i do i will make sure to include my review in this post. If any of you have subscribed to any of the above grade please comment below and let us know what your review is.

There are other platforms where you can study online, we will post other websites available in zambia in our next post.

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How is Zamtel Smart Revision?

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