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Educational apps in Zambia

In this post, I will give you a list of applications you can use to study and revise online and offline for your upcoming either ecz or gce exams.

Here is the list of top 10 educational apps in Zambia, and obviously we will start with our application.

1. Ecz Materials

Yup, this is our application which is created by Zam Seva who is now officially our partner. Well, it is not like we are some big companies working together, in fact, we are not even a company to start with but we are just 2 individuals.

Why have I mentioned my application first on the list? That is obvious, this is my blog and my app we are talking about. Nah, I am just kidding. But if you compare our app with the other apps we have in the list you will also probably go for our app. We are saying this with confidence because a lot of users have told us the same thing.

This app can also be used offline if you downloaded all the necessary content from the app.

About Ecz Materials app;

The screenshot above has briefly explained what our app contains. There are more cool study materials and interactive components coming into our app. If you want to know what our complete app will have, then check out our previous post. 

This app is created by intelisoft mobile solutions, this app now officially belongs to MTN Zambia.

This application has a number of videos on various topics for various grades. This app also has an interactive quiz, which is cool for examining yourself and preparing for the finals.

You can use this app without any data bundles if you are using an MTN Simcard, but if you are using other networks then data charges may apply.

About MTN eTutor;

MTN eTutor app looks promising and helpful to so many students across Zambia. But remember this app is not free to use, you have to pay an amount either from your mobile money or Talktime for you to use this app.

Always remember Ecz Materials asks for no money so you better choose the right app 😉.

Smart Revision is created by Zamtel Developer, This app is officially Zamtel's who is working with the Examination Council of Zambia to make it better.

This application mainly focuses on Interactive Quiz. It has a lot of quizzes which have past paper questions which you can test yourself with. It also shows how many questions you have failed and how many you have passed.

About Smart Revision;

A very brief description that doesn't tell you much about their app but it is really good for revision.

Smart Revision is not free to use, you have to pay a small amount of money in form of Talktime or mobile money to use this app.

Once again, Always remember Ecz Materials asks for no money so you better choose the right app 😉.

Some other useful apps

There are some other apps you can use to revise for your finals. These apps mainly focus on similar content which is ecz past papers only.

These are some of the apps we have in Zambia that can help you with your studies and getting better results.

I hope you find this helpful. So, what are you waiting for? Go, and download our app from the play store right now and tell us what we should bring in our app to make you study better.

No way 😱, are you planning to download other apps instead of ours, you better not. Because we have a lot of surprises coming in the app.  
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Educational apps in Zambia

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