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 Ecz Materials has grown at a very speedy rate and has reached as far as from Lusaka to northern province and from eastern province to the western province. Basically, our website has a great impact on the students across Zambia and this was all possible because of your selfless support.

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Since the launch of our Ecz Materials app, we have received a lot of users, which has increased the demand for new content that we are still lacking, we are still in need of a lot of materials to provide quality content to our users. So, we have come up with a plan, we want pamphlets that have questions and answers ( multiple choice) for grade 9 and grade 12.

We will pay a sum of K50 maximum if you give us a bigger and better content. 

Here is an example of how the pamphlets are supposed to be QandA (multiple choice)!


If you have this type of pamphlet for grade 9 and grade 12, share it with us and earn a reward from it. Contact us on WhatsApp.

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QandA ecz Pamphlets QandA ecz Pamphlets Reviewed by on December 06, 2020 Rating: 5

QandA ecz Pamphlets

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  1. It is wonderful for those who like to study

  2. I currently text the Whatsapp number on the selling of a pamphlet but I got no reply....


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