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Congratulations Grade 7 2020


To all the 2020 grade 7 students', ecz materials congratulates you for passing grade 7. This has never ever happened that ALL the grade 7 students in the entire country of Zambia have passed. It is a very happy moment for all those who never wanted any of your friends to be left behind and move forward alone. 

Remember the road is still getting bumpy ahead, do not take this opportunity for granted because no one knows if this kind of situation will occur again. So study hard and keep revising.

Once again congratulations to all the ECZ classes who managed to pass. Those who have joined ecz classes this year (2021) work hard and keep revising from ecz materials. We have provided free ecz pastpapers and pamphlets to prepare from and we also have our own android app, click here to download.

Wish you the best to the new ECZ classes.

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Congratulations Grade 7 2020

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