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Hello everyone, Ecz Materials is excited to let you know about our latest project in our App that our developer/Designer (Zam Seva) completed. We, the proud members of Ecz Materials, it is not like we are many when I say we, it technically means myself because I am the only one who is running this website so......let me introduce to you the ultimate way of getting help with your homework/assignments or exercise from your comfort of homes by other dedicated students across Zambia.

If you haven't downloaded our app yet, download now to benefit from our newest feature which the first of its kind in the whole country of Zambia.

You can upload your homework in our app's students' community to get answers from the dedicated students and also some available tutors.

Our main goal for making students community is to provide support to those who are unable to contact or get help from anyone around them. This feature will not only help you get help with your homework/assignments but will also connect you to people who are living somewhere far from your place in Zambia. You will also get to help your fellow students and benefit from the same problems.

Ecz Materials is always ready to provide such tremendous innovations to the students of Zambia for FREE, totally at no cost. I was once a schooler who understands the needs of other students, therefore, all the things I wished were available at the time when I was in school to improve my studies. Now I am bringing all the things directly in your hands (phones) with the help of our Amazing App developer who is still in high school.

Many users asked me never to make this app paid because it has helped a lot of unprivileged students. Do not worry! I won't make our application Ecz Materials paid at all, it will be available for free on the play store. Not only that, we will bring more surprising things which will be to your advantage.

I really hope you all use the students' community wisely and effectively. Please do not forget to share the app with your classmates and friends so that they too can benefit from it for FREE.

Ecz Materials is and will always be free

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Home work help Zambia

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