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Earn money by becoming a transcriber in Zambia

So, you can easily earn money in Zambia by becoming a transcriber. Do you know you can start earning money if you know English? Obviously, if you are here on this post it means you already know how to write, read and speak English. So, how and from where can you earn money just for knowing English.

What is a transcriber? : A transcriber is someone who writes down what someone else is saying. You won't be writing down something someone says in real-time instead you will be writing down what you will hear in the audio. Yes! all you have to do is listen to the audio and write it down and get paid for it.

I hope you got the idea now why you need to know English, is because the audio files will be in English. Now you know how you can earn money in Zambia by becoming a transcriber and your next question should be from where can you earn money as a transcriber? 

Werkit-Zambia. Heard of it before? Werkit Zambia is an AI-based transcription company that combines technology with human editing, and it is hiring quality English speakers with excellent attention to detail. To join them as a transcriber you do not need any experience to work with them. Anyone can work with them as long as you know how to read, write and speak English

Here is what they have to say about working as a transcriber with them.

It is very easy to join them but they will give you a simple test or should I say a task, to see how you do the job. There are a lot of people who are working as transcribers from Zambia who are actually earning money from them.

Well, if you have read my post this far it means you understand English very well and congrats you have the chance to start earning money from home. All you have to do is simply visit their website and apply for the job as a transcriber and you can work at your pace from anywhere you like.

Here is the link to the website and apply quickly >>

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Earn money by becoming a transcriber in Zambia

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