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How to become mobile agent in Zambia

1. Airtel Money

Airtel is one of the fastest-growing mobile networks in Zambia. We all have seen so many Airtel mobile money booths across Zambia. So, is Airtel mobile money business profitable? and how to become an agent.

Mobile money booth will not make you rich in an instant but it will give you a steady income unless you have many booths across Zambia.

How Profitable is mobile money in Zambia?

The commission is very little, to be honest, agents' commission is measured in Cash in Cash out tools. An agent gets 1% of the withdrawal and deposit amount (0.5%) as a commission. For example, if I deposit k1000 at your booth you will earn a k10 commission. This can be very little if you have very few customers, but imagine if you have at least 100 customers who either deposit or withdraw a K1000 you will get a thousand kwacha a day that is if you have so many customers.

Therefore, to boost your Mobile money business you need to have a lot of booths at different places.

Requirements to become an Airtel money agent?

  1. Collect and submit your application form
  2. Provide certified business copies (PACRA)
  3. Provide T-pin Certificate (ZRA)
  4. Must have shop or booth (Can also be found from Airtel)
  5. Passport size photos
  6. Capital of K2000
If you want more information on this subject here is the email address of Airtel Zambia

Visit their official website to learn more > Airtel Money Zambia


How to become an MTN agent
Image from MTN Zambia
MTN is one of the biggest networks in Zambia, and it also provides mobile money service just like any other network in Zambia. There are a lot of people using MTN and plus MTN has provided a feature to users that can enable them to purchase goods online using their MTN mobile money. 

So if you are planning to become an MTN mobile money agent then here is all that you need to start your mobile money business today.

Requirements to become an MTN money agent in Zambia.

  1. Register your business with PACRA: Collect a business registration form from the PACRA office or you can simply download it from their website. Submit the filled form to their office.
  2. Get a TPIN: Get a taxpayer identification number from ZRA, it is better to get it online rather than visiting their office in person. You will receive your TPIN certificate through email.
  3. Personal Documents: Copy of your ID, 2 passport size photos, and a KYC form from MTN.
  4. A minimum of K5000
Once you have everything set, you can visit your nearest MTN office and submit the documents, and get started earning money.

For more information, you can visit MTN's official website or visit their Facebook page or you can WhatsApp them for a quick response.

3. Zamtel Kwacha

How to become a Zamtel kwacha agent
Image from Zamtel

Although Zamtel has fewer subscribers compared to Airtel and MTN. But Zamtel kwacha is also in the market and being used by a lot of people. You can make good money by becoming an agent of all networks and that includes Zamtel kwacha.

Requirements to become a Zamtel kwacha agent.

  1. Certificate from PACRA
  2. Copy of your NRC
  3. Minimum capital of K2500
For more information visit Zamtel's official website or visit their Facebook page.

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How to become mobile agent in Zambia

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