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How to start a blog and earn money in Zambia

If you are interested in starting your own website or blog and you want to make money from it? Yes, it is very possible in fact today opening a blog or a website the primary goal is to convert the traffic into money.

You will need a website to start earning money in Zambia. There are a lot of platforms out on the internet that has made it very easy to make a blog or website within minutes even if you don't have an experience. Or, you can hire someone to make a website for you. Here is a list of popular websites that have made making websites easy. Just play around here and there and you will get familiar with it. 

How do you earn money from your website?

There are a lot of ways you can earn money from your website that includes Affiliate marketing, Review products, sell digital products, sell physical products, sell an online course, or run ads on your website.

We are just going to focus on how you can earn money from running ads on your website. You must have seen so many advertisements on websites so how do they do that. Well, it is pretty easy, all you have to do is first have a very stable website and good content on it and then apply to Adsense

Adsense pays you for running its ads on your website. You do not have to do anything except for placing their ads code which they will provide you once you join them. This is one of the most simplest and effective ways of earning money in Zambia. Upon talking to some bloggers in Zambia, I was informed that they get about $0.8 for 1 thousand ad views, this means that when the ads on your website have been viewed by 1000 people you will get the indicated amount plus or minus. But if someone clicks on the ads that are on your website you will get more money.

Small blogs or websites in Zambia that have about 10,000 users per month visiting their website make approximately $80 to $100 per month.

What kind of website/blog to open?

 If you are interested in opening a blog then here are some of the examples of types of blogs you can start.

  • Fashion Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Travel Blog
  • Music Blog
  • Lifestyle blog
  • Fitness Blog
  • Sports Blog
  • Finance Blog
There are a lot of blog ideas you can think of and the best to choose is the one you are most interested in.


I have just written basic things about having a blog and how you can earn money in Zambia from a blog. I just wanted my fellow Zambians to get an idea of how people earn and how you can earn money from creating your own blog. There is a lot of information on the internet about earning money from your own blog but I wanted my fellow Zambians to know that yes you can also earn money in Zambia by creating your own website or a blog.

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How to start a blog and earn money in Zambia

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  1. Nice article, I love it!
    If I may ask, how much do you make from this website?
    Started my own blog but still low

    1. Your blog is nice. Work on writing topics that attract more users. If you have noticed we do not run any ads and therefore we make no money from this site. We are keeping this website as clean as possible for our users.


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