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Start an Arbitrage business in Zambia

What is an arbitrage business?

It's not some fancy business you have to do but it is just simply buying and reselling business. This is one of the best ways students can earn money along with their studies. If you are schooling then this business can give you a big profit if you choose the products to sell properly according to the demand. 

This is worth trying, if you have noticed there are so many products that are still less in the market or it is there but it's freaking expensive, and you think students need it then that's the product you have to go for.

For example, a medical studies Textbook is around 400 to 500 Kwacha and you know that the same book is a must to have for the medical students but it's very expensive for you and most of the students and you know a place where you can get the very same book and a cheaper price then, of course, you will buy that book which is cheap. But the thing here is not everyone knows the place where you got the same book from, so what does that mean? It's business time for you to buy and resell.

1. Choose a product

If you are schooling then check what is trending in your school at that time or what other students are buying which may be costly or what the other students may buy for sure. Your first duty is to take a deep search within your school. There are a lot of school stuff students buy so it is not a big deal finding what your fellow schoolmates will buy.

If you are a university student reading this post then I guess you have a big arbitrage business at your university. If you are planning to sell in your university what I can advise you to sell is "Phones" "All the products related or used with the phones" basically technological stuff. You know better than me guys how people are crazy about this and that phones you know. In University selling books is also a big business since not all the books are allowed to be used outside the library so some students will choose to buy so that they can study at home. But as I said above about the cost, and you know what you have to do. 

Basically, choose what you want to sell wisely. What I mean is don't just see that people are using these things so it will sell a lot NO. Check which products are expensive and popular. Because popular things people want it and expensive means changing the mind to not really wanting it.

2. Buy the products

Now if you have properly selected what your schoolmates will buy and the things that are trending then it is now time to buy the same or similar stuff at a lower price.

So where will you buy it from? The answer is CHINA

surprised? Yes, I actually mean buying things directly from china. China has the biggest and cheapest market in the world and everyone knows that. What is the procedure for buying products from China?

Have you heard about This is the website where you will buy your products from. Go check the website out first! see the products and the prices then let me know in the COMMENT section below.

Have you guys ever been to the China mall nearby from where you live? have you been to other shops which are owned by the Chinese? like the shops in the carousel mall ( In Lusaka ). If you did or didn't next time when you go before entering the mall or the shops open the website I mentioned above and search the same product which is in the shop or the mall and see the price the Chinese people are selling the same product for. Guys, they make 90% profit on the same product here in Zambia from selling products that are from china at the cost of almost free.

But for bringing products here in Zambia (shipping) and Government taxes are paid but not much because you know the Chinese government helps them getting the products from china easily but that's a different story.

So let us get back to buying products from So from this website, you find the stuff you are looking for, and don't forget to read the description of the product you are planning to buy to avoid any errors you understand.

So for buying Books, I recommend you can find many used books at a so cheaper price and it is worth buying for reselling and a reasonable price.

So once you have found and seen that the price is fine + the Shipping cost is alright then pay online and place your order.

👉 How to Pay Online.

If you don't have a bank account and a card to use to buy online, do not worry because there are other ways you can pay Online. Here are the best 2 ways you can buy online without a card.


3. Get it from the post and resell it.

So after you have entered all your information including the email address, keep login into the website and keep tracking the post. The day it will come to Zambia you will automatically receive an email. So you go to the post and where it came from and see the product if you find it safe and fine the click on confirm receive or if you don't like it you can click on Open dispute and return the product and you will receive your money back into your account fully.

Shipping may take time if you choose the cheapest shipping method while ordering, so if you want your products to come in Zambia quickly you can use other shipping methods mentioned while you are ordering but the charges are high. So think before you order, you should make a profit from it.

Okay, so everything is done? Now time to sell it in your school or University at your own price which should be cheaper than the price which is in Zambia of the same products so that people buy it from you.


  1. Choose products.
  2. Search and buy from AliExpress or Amazon.
  3. Receive it and Resell it.

Most of the people in Zambia are still not using these online services, so you the person who is reading has a very good chance to start doing this for a lucrative income. So if you think there are many Zambians who will see this same post and try to do the same thing then what? The answer is yes there are many readers like you who will read the same post but do you think everyone will try this. Because today students just want to earn from doing nothing and I have seen people like that who want to earn and do nothing.

so even if people know about your business still there will be very few who will try this because most of them are scared of losing money online but trust me to earn money you have to take a small risk. Start with something small see how everything goes then slowly increase your business.

Post was written by: eczmaterials , Ecz Materials is a website where you will find ecz past papers, pamphlets, and ecz pastpapers answers all in pdf format.


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Start an Arbitrage business in Zambia

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