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Are you a Tutor?

If you are then don't miss out on this opportunity because not only this opportunity will help you to teach a few students but millions of students across Zambia.

What do I mean by Millions of students? Well, we are making a YouTube Channel where we will make videos on the educational topics which are taught daily at schools and upload them so that millions of students across Zambia can have access to it.

Currently, we are answering ecz past papers and providing solutions in video format which we upload on our YouTube channel. Our goal is to provide solutions to each and every ecz past papers available on our website.

Our goal is to spread education as much as we are capable of spreading and that at no cost. If you are a tutor and passionate about teaching then let us work together and bring a bigger and better change in the educational system of Zambia.

Not only videos, but we also do have a lot of other opportunities to work with Ecz Materials and earn money by providing services that you have to offer.

Benefits of working with us

You will;
  • Be watched by thousands/millions of students across Zambia
  • Gain popularity amongst the students
  • Be recognized by big institutions/organizations
  • Earn from home at your own comfort (Not all services)

If you want to work with us these are the few requirements you should match to work with us.


You should;
  • Be an Experienced Tutor
  • Age: 19- 24 (Below acceptable for some small services)
  • Able to express work in front of the camera (Confident)
  • Be living In Zambia
  • Have a good internet and a pc/computer (for online services)

We have started a project which will require us to have passionate tutors to work with us. We are working on building and creating more content on our online platform for users (Zambian Students). This project will benefit the students immensely, and it all depends on our and your (tutors) hard work.

If you are an experienced tutor/teacher, you will have a chance to showcase your skills in front of thousands of our users. We will make your work seen by not only thousands but millions of students all around Zambia. 

If you want to become a tutor/teacher on Ecz Materials please contact us. We will guide you further on our newly implemented idea.

Contact us if you are interested.


Whatsapp: +260 953744879

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Become Ecz Materials Tutor

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