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Hey everyone!

As promised last year that we will bring an educational app from which you can learn and prepare for your exams from home. So, we are finally introducing you to our latest Application Ecz Lessons and the website

What is Ecz Lessons?

Ecz Lessons is a unique platform in Zambia where you will find topics in video format. Those same topics that you learn at school. Awesome isn't it? You can literally school yourself from home using our app.

Benefits and Drawbacks.

Currently, we have only made an Android application (Ecz Lessons) and not for an iPhone. But considering the iPhone users and the PC users, we have made a website for them that will have all the content as in the app.

Who is it for?

Ecz Lessons is for all Ecz students including the non-ecz classes, primary and secondary classes. All the main subjects' videos are available in-app produced by the tutors working with us. So, no matter what grade you are in, this app is for you.

Download the Ecz Lessons app or visit the website and start learning more.


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Ecz Lessons

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