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The Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) is the national examination board responsible for administering exams at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels in Zambia. ECZ exams are widely recognized and respected in the country and are used to evaluate the knowledge and skills of students in a variety of subjects.

To prepare for ECZ exams, there are several resources and materials available to students. The ECZ website ( is a good place to start, as it offers a wealth of information and resources for exams, including past exam papers and mark schemes. These materials can be particularly useful for practice and revision, as they provide an idea of the types of questions that are likely to be asked in the real exams.

Another useful resource for ECZ exam preparation is textbooks and revision guides. These materials are typically written by experts in the subject and provide a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and topics that are likely to be covered in the exams. Many revision guides also include practice questions and mock exams to help students get a feel for the types of questions they will encounter in the real exams.

In addition to these resources, it is also important for students to review their class notes and any other materials they have from their studies. This will help them to refresh their knowledge and ensure they understand the key concepts and are able to apply them to different scenarios.

Finally, practice is key to success in ECZ exams. By answering exam-style questions under timed conditions, students can build their confidence and get a feel for the types of questions they are likely to encounter in the real exams. This will also help them to develop their time management skills, which are crucial for success in exams.

Overall, there are many resources and materials available to help students prepare for ECZ exams. By using a combination of these resources and practicing regularly, students can increase their chances of success in their exams.

Ecz Exams

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